City boats ~

I feel so sick lately, I can't sleep well and finals are next week...but fair enought, sales start today so tomorrow will be my big shopping day, and my budget is ready so I'm going to Japan next June !
It's been near ten years now since I first discovered Japan and it's culture, and I'm so happy I finally got around to go.
I'm going by myself, altought a friend of mine may come, for a month in Tokyo. I found a good 'girls only" gesthouse, I'm looking for a job for around 3 or 4 days/week to pay for my expense there. Already planned a few things to do, but I hope I can see my japanese friends and other lolitas over there. I'll just empty the 4 Closet Child shops of any Victorian Maiden/Mary Magdalene/Excentrique/Mille fleurs they might have during the month, I'm currently saving a little bit each month just for that, so these spring sales might not be super interesting for me. Anyway, here is my yesterday's coordinate :

Bow : fly away fashion
Cutsew : Bodyline
Dress : 69th department
Tights : Forever 21
Shoes : Tamaris 
I also took a photo of these buildings next to my flat. I think they look like boats, don't they ? The light is beautiful right now, a really aerian shimmer with white clouds trought biggers rainy grey ones.

It just make me wants to peacefully travel away.

When I was younger and wanting to escape away from my not so fun teen life, I dressed up in lolita, played Malice Mizer and made some of my favourite tea. This light and this song reminds me so much of these not so far ago afternoons, when I was drinking tea under the hazelnut tree of my parent's garden. I can almost smell the perfume of our roseraie...

Edit with today's outfit, someone asked me if my hair was a wig. Do my hair looks fake ?

Headdress : Mary Magdalene
Blouse : Promod
Faux fur collar : H&M
Bow : Handmade
Dress : Victorian Maiden
Shoes : Bodyline

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  1. I have always loved your coordinates. It's so wonderful that you are getting to go to Japan. It's been a dream of mine to go too, maybe I'll go in a couple of years!

    1. Oh thank you, that's really sweet of you :) I'll try to make as much update as possible when I'll be over there, I cross my fingers so you can go soon too !