Happy New Year 2015 !

It's the beggining of a new year, yay ! I feel old, but that's ok I guess.

Let's draw this year's record.

What happened :
*Both my tumblr and my blog gained in popularity, I like think that's because I actually took time and try to update and improve my content.
*I changed my makeup foundation and learned new tricks. As trivial as it may sound, as I don't shoop my pictures (I note them as edited if I do anything else than rotate them) good make up is really important !
*Thanks to the photography club at my school, I learned to use my camera better and it's tons of fun.
*I met a loooot of wonderful people. Parisian community is not one and unique as certain comms can be, and as it's more groups of friends than anything I'm pretty happy I found mine.
*I've become better at kimono styling. I still have a lot of things to work on, but my wardrobe is getting great.
*I cut my haiiiiiiiir. Last time I've been to the hairdresser I was in my first year of high school. I used to have kinky hair as a child, so I really don't like going to the hairdresser. New hair cut totally worth it tho.
*I enlarged my wardrobe's variety of style. Goth, punk/grunge, high fashion, lolita, natural kei, akamoji, retro, rave. Lot of styles. Even if it's only one or two outfits, it's ok, I just want to try different things.

This year's most viewed article is of course my post on Wa-lolita. I'm really happy to see that you liked it, I put a lot of efforts in it. I know the outfit really seems simple (you should be used to simple with me by now) but it actually take in account a lot of different lolita and kimono rules, so I'm happy it worked out.

Top 3 outfits according to Tumblr :

Mori/Gothic outfit for French Café's Garden Party
Hime outfit for a fashion show

Wa lolita outfit
 And my own top 3 favourite :

Hime/OTT classic for a meet-up

Natural kei

Simple summer outfit

What I want to do next year :
 *Stop buying main pieces and focussing on accessories, both in kimono and lolita (that's never gonna happen).
*Go to Japan ! I'm buying my tickets really soon and I'm so excited and I need to plan the trip and I need to keep a bit of money aside for lolita and kimono and the weeb deep in my heart is screaming in joy. Don't judge me ok ?
*Learn a fifth language and maybe stop butchering Spanish so much.
*Make a kimono club at my uni. I'm planning it through the japanese cultural association, hope it'll work !
*Take a cultural activity like tea ceremony or motherf*cking koto (best instrument ever) because reason.
*Find summer job.
*Actually succeed classes I enrolled to.
 Aaaand that's all.

I'm super grateful for the wonderful year we had together, thank you guys for following me and being friends with me ! I wish you every good thing on Earth for your New Year and look forward to see you again soon.
Also, if you follow my blog/my internet activities in general and happen to come in France, shout me a message ! I'm more than eager to meet people from all around the world and share some time with them.


Last meet of the year and Christmas time

Hey guys. How was your Christmas day ?

On the 20th of December I went to a lolita and general j-fashion meet-up in Paris. I met some wonderful new persons, everyone was so nice !

So many cute outfits !

And my outfit for that day :

That very day I catched a train to go back at my parents's. I got my Christmas present before departing for my uncle's house, where the actual party took place.

Bad quality webcam picture, sorry
I got a Mugler pochette ! It's plum, so pretty. I think my mom got it from my usual discounted designer shop, favourite place to shop. We also made an arrangement, since I didn't really want something material, so they'll pay for my transportation pass in Japan. Phew, that'll make my budget lighter.

 I also had a night out with my childhood friends. Since we didn't see each other for a while, they gifted me a Card Against Humanity game they printed out just for my birthday. It was also one of my friend's birthday, so we celebrated by eating tons of junkfood and playing Pokémon Stadium on NES 64 like in good old time.

Blatant "too lazy to take a pic so Google it" image
As for the actual Christmas party, we were 25 I guess. I don't have the occasion of seeing my familly so much, especially since out of 5 uncles and aunts one lives in Belgium, one in Africa and one in China. I had the occasion of speaking in english with my uncle's chinese wife, who is the cutest thing ever. I'm starting to think about going over there to visit them since I've never been to China before.
Christmas diner was neat, but my favourite part was the 25th of December's lunch. Auntie made us food from grandpa's home country (I'm a quarter from black Africa) and I literally stuffed my face with fried chicken (stereotypes are still well alive) and tô with gombo salsa (you can Google it, it's...weird). I usually don't like poultry apart from duck meat but auntie's fried chicken is the best. Between that, champagne, foie gras and candies, I must have put on some weight.

It was a pretty funny Christmas.
After that, I took the train back to Paris and here I am again. I recieved these beauties :

Starry night fukuro obi and green and black furisode

Just trying stuffs on, forget the lack of everything.
And now I'm home alone. Not for so long though, since Tzadkiel darling will come to celebrate New Year's Eve with me. Still not sure if we're going out or not though.
I must go back to my notes now, I have exam starting in mid-january and my wonderful habit of not reviewing my classes is starting to get on the way.
See ya !


Christmas meet-up

Last Sunday we had a nice Christmas meet-up ! We had a redXwhite color code and every body went out their way to fit in.

Tzadkiel was home ! Here are our outfits :

People :
Tzadkiel, I, Myriam, Mew, Peggy, Julie, Sam
Camélia, Chloé, Maleora, Sanda, Angélique, Ma Aile and Chieko.

Picture from Sandra
We went to a nice little restaurant near the Champs-Elysées. Everything was soooo good, I loved it and I'll most certainly going back.

Myriam and Mew

Camélia and Sam

We had a small Secret Santa thing going on. I had some extra cute candy clips from Peggy, it was so nice !

Picture from Sandra (I love this one !)
It was really great. Everything went perfectly smoothly thanks to Sam and Camélia.

Also friends, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

I was really happy to see you all girls, can't wait for another meet-up with you !


Catacombes et Quai de la gare/Bercy


I love taking pictures when the sky is really grey and luminous like that. It makes interesting contrasts and nice colours.