Shopping et some outfits

I did some winter shopping lately. I'm feeling a bit down with the bad weather and everything, but new makeup and clothes always bring my smile back !

Zombie Boy "Kill Me" t-shirt

H&M sweatet, beanie and Batman tights, F21 tights

Swatches : Bourjois Cherry my chérie, Revlon Black cherry
Revlon Black cherry, Bourjois Cherry my chérie, Sephora Pearl mask, L'Oréal la touche magique concealer

Present from my dear Tzadkiel, ro iromuji
And I'm waiting for :

An Ofurisode ! I need a juban for it, I'm gonna wear it for uni's cultural day

Berry colored tsumugi. Berry's my favourite color palette, and I was striving for a striped tsumugi ever since I've been to Fukumi Shimura's exhibition
I don't have any haori yet, I think I'm gonna collect a few striped one for a more iki Edo style. I hope this one will fit with my iromuji.

And some lolita outfits :

It's so cold these days...

Oh also, my roomate and I baught an awesome Advent calendar from my favourite tea house : Dammann !

This thing is awesome. Since I'm not found of chocolates or non-tradtionnal candies (I'm a sucker for caramel and berlingot though), this tea calendar is the best thing ever. You guessed it, instead of chocolate each case is filled with a single flavoured tea bag from their house blends. I have over 40 different teas at home, two third of which are Damman but I have almost non of the tea offered in this calendar, so I'm pretty happy with it.

I'm looking forward to go back to Hokusai's exhibition and to discover this wonderful exhibit about neurosciences. It's aimed mostly to famillies, but I'm a sucker for simplified sciences (I'm bad at maths, so hard sciences aren't for me), so I'm pretty happy to try this one out.

There's also an exhibit about Sade at Orsay, but I'd like to read a bit more of it before going there or it'll be of no use. XVIIIth century torture porn ? Perfect for an exhibit.

I've been to Paris's catacombes a fw weeks ago, I'm going to post a few pictures even though my camera don't do well with dim light.

See ya.

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