Happy New Year 2015 !

It's the beggining of a new year, yay ! I feel old, but that's ok I guess.

Let's draw this year's record.

What happened :
*Both my tumblr and my blog gained in popularity, I like think that's because I actually took time and try to update and improve my content.
*I changed my makeup foundation and learned new tricks. As trivial as it may sound, as I don't shoop my pictures (I note them as edited if I do anything else than rotate them) good make up is really important !
*Thanks to the photography club at my school, I learned to use my camera better and it's tons of fun.
*I met a loooot of wonderful people. Parisian community is not one and unique as certain comms can be, and as it's more groups of friends than anything I'm pretty happy I found mine.
*I've become better at kimono styling. I still have a lot of things to work on, but my wardrobe is getting great.
*I cut my haiiiiiiiir. Last time I've been to the hairdresser I was in my first year of high school. I used to have kinky hair as a child, so I really don't like going to the hairdresser. New hair cut totally worth it tho.
*I enlarged my wardrobe's variety of style. Goth, punk/grunge, high fashion, lolita, natural kei, akamoji, retro, rave. Lot of styles. Even if it's only one or two outfits, it's ok, I just want to try different things.

This year's most viewed article is of course my post on Wa-lolita. I'm really happy to see that you liked it, I put a lot of efforts in it. I know the outfit really seems simple (you should be used to simple with me by now) but it actually take in account a lot of different lolita and kimono rules, so I'm happy it worked out.

Top 3 outfits according to Tumblr :

Mori/Gothic outfit for French Café's Garden Party
Hime outfit for a fashion show

Wa lolita outfit
 And my own top 3 favourite :

Hime/OTT classic for a meet-up

Natural kei

Simple summer outfit

What I want to do next year :
 *Stop buying main pieces and focussing on accessories, both in kimono and lolita (that's never gonna happen).
*Go to Japan ! I'm buying my tickets really soon and I'm so excited and I need to plan the trip and I need to keep a bit of money aside for lolita and kimono and the weeb deep in my heart is screaming in joy. Don't judge me ok ?
*Learn a fifth language and maybe stop butchering Spanish so much.
*Make a kimono club at my uni. I'm planning it through the japanese cultural association, hope it'll work !
*Take a cultural activity like tea ceremony or motherf*cking koto (best instrument ever) because reason.
*Find summer job.
*Actually succeed classes I enrolled to.
 Aaaand that's all.

I'm super grateful for the wonderful year we had together, thank you guys for following me and being friends with me ! I wish you every good thing on Earth for your New Year and look forward to see you again soon.
Also, if you follow my blog/my internet activities in general and happen to come in France, shout me a message ! I'm more than eager to meet people from all around the world and share some time with them.

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