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January is wardrobe post time on the international lolita community. It's my third year doing it, and my wardrobe changed a whole lot in 2013-2014 as you can see on my 2012 and 2013 post here. My taste didn't really changed but I actually had the occasion of putting a bit more money in my closet as well as buying more easily through Paypal with my own card.

click for 2015 wardrobe post
If my fashion budget is not too munched up by my travel budget, I hope I'll be able to do a Taobao haul. I need everyday clothing a bit higher in quality than Bodyline, and I want to push my closet a bit more to the Natural kei and historic side so I found a lot of interesting things from Infanta and Surface Spell. I wish I could throw 300€ in that just straight, but I would feel really guilty about it (and I fear the custom taxes pretty hard too).

And since I don't have anywhere to post it, enjoy as a bonus my small kimono wardrobe :

Gold Fukuro obi, starry night share-fukuro, suika and red hanhaba obi, geometrical red nagoya obi, black nagoya obi, four season golden yellow nagoya obi, four season purple nagoya obi

Green and black ofurisode, pink tsukesage, coral chufurisode, purple tsumugi, orange brown ro iromuji, red and white ro komono, blue striped awase komon, green ginko leaf hitoe komon

Vintage zori, ceremonial zori, everyday zori, black and red long michiyuki, striped hoari, butterflies and stripes yukata

Phew, wardrobe post done. I don't have the enrves to try and post the rest of my normal/j-fashion wardrobe here, it would be too much of an hassle and totally inconsistent. Time for a tea now, I at least deserve that.

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