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Hey guys ! I feel like my last few posts were a bit impersonnal, right ? Gush, blogging is hard.

This month was pretty nice. I had the occasion of seeing my dear friends Maëlle and Chieko, as well as meeting again the lovely Yume.

Picture for ants : me, Chieko (Chloé), Maëlle, Yume
We had some crepes in a nice restaurant, it was awesome ! The week after we also had a night out at Maëlle's lovely flat, sadly Yume wasn't here but we had a lot of fun still. I'm super glad we got to spend some time together girls !

The other day I also went to a tea ceremony demonstration at the House of japanese culture (wonky translation, ugh) with a friend from school, had some matcha and wagashi, pretty fun.

outfit of that day

And lately I'v done some shopping, since I needed some more winter clothes and it's winter sales right now. I succed into finding leather pants that are actually confortable and don't make me look like an over-stuffed sausage, alleluia !

I think I have a few outfits I didn't post here yet :

Next month will sure be an eventful month !
Thanks to my uni's japanese association I'm able to set up a kimono club to share my love and passion for kimono with my fellow students. I'm so happy to be able to do that, I already prepared a few sessions and I can't wait to start !

Next month will also be the month of Street Fashion Europe x French Café La vie en Rose lolita and japanese fashion event, where I'll be present with the lovely Chokelate as a vendor for Lockshop. I didn't initially plan to go but I'm super happy to be able to gather a bit of experience as a multilingual sales assistant as well as meeting lolitas from all over the world once again. Don't forget to drop by !

That's all for now, thanks for reading and see you soon.

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  1. Magnifiques kimonos! J'en ai jamais porté, c'est confortable?
    J'aime beaucoup ta coupe :)

    1. Merci :) Ce n'est pas exactement confortable mais il y a pire.