Korean beauty products sample review

I bought a bunch of korean products at the end of December. I admit that my beauty routine tend to be super simple and maybe a bit too light for my make up habits and fragile skin. I did a small haul of korean samples so I could try it out, since it was so inexpensive. I'd rather try samples than buy any product generally speaking since my skin is so fragile from eczema and so intolerant to a ton of products thanks to my many allergies.

Few facts :
*my skin is dry to mixed, with dryer patchs and really fragile skin around my eyes.
*I have darker spots and an uneven complexion
*my skin is golden based but is pretty grey and not luminous
*my face is two tone or so darker than my neck
*I take and keep marks pretty easily, could it be from zits or kind of wrinkle-ish folds

Usual routine is :
Neutrogena grapefruit exfoiliating cleansing gel (3 or so time a week)
Body Shop tea tree oil mask in spot treatment for zits
Homemade matcha tea mask twice a week
Medical moisturizing cream

I also use homemade masks depending on the way my skin react. Except that it's not nearly good enought and when I saw my first forehead wrinkle back in December I freaked out and decided to try new products to help my skin aging better.
I come from an home where make up is not really a thing and skin routine is minimalistic, so I may sound stupid in my beauty routine but it's pretty much trial and error right now.

The face shop Heaven grade ginseng whitening skin care set, Skin Food royal honey eye cream, Skin Food Omija Whitening tea toner, Holika Holika bulgarian rose serum, Misshq cherry blossom cleansing foam, Skin Food totmato whitening point pad and free samples The Face shop Deep firming cleansing oil, Heaven grade ginseng anti-wrinkle night cream, mango seed pre-date butter ceam and Tony Moly luminous glow aura CC cream.

First thing first, I glad I did buy samples because tons of my friends swear by Skin Food but I was far from being impressed by their products. I didn't find the tomato whitening point pads to be efficient, the tea toner is too dry for me and the royal honey eye cream literaly burned my eyes to tears, although it was apparently efficient on my naso-labial folds.
No more Skin Food for me, thanks.

On the other hand, I love everything I got from the Face Shop. Their Ginseng line is god sent, my skin did whiten in 10 days of use and it's way smoother and elastic. Their night cream is not too rich but well moisturizing. The mango seed butter cream is awesome and I definitly look forward to buy a full-size jar of it. I was worried about it being too heavy but it's really nice and melt lightly on the face, I loved it. I'm not found of cleansing oils so I only tried it once. Pretty nice but not my thing, clearly.

The Missha foaming cleanser is neat but not for me. It smells a lot like soap and I suspect it to be really base heavy, it dried out my skin a lot.

Personal favourite is Holika Holika bulgarian rose serum. This thing is awesome. It's really lightweight with a faint rose scent, easy to apply and live your skin smooth, elastic and refreshened. I look forward to try some more products from it's line. I find the fullsize jar a bit expensive though.

I did not have the occasion of trying the CC cream yet, I hope the color is not too far off my actual skin color.

Overall, in ten days of use I clearly see a difference and some products were efficient on my skin. I will definitly include a toner and a serum to my normal routine, as well as a new night-cream for extra-moisturizing.
That's all for my, hope this will be of any use guys !

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