Lolita blog carnival : How I've changed in Lolita over the last year.

It's been a while I didn't participate in a Lolita Blog Carnival post !

So, I did I change as a lolita over the year ? I don't know. It's kind of a difficult question, don't you think ?

First, I feel like I really found my style. It's been a while I was into classic lolita but I always tried things from one-side to another, wearing sweet-classic or OTT-ish classic, but it didn't really correspond to my style. I still like these outfits and would gladly wear them from time to time, but it's not what I like for everyday wear.

I also feel like I toned down a lot my everyday wear. I chose quality over quantity in my wardrobe and cleaned out a lot of my not-that-good offbrand stuffs.

As I withdrawed myself a bit more from the French-speaking online community I started to participate a bit more on the international one. I also attended numerous IRL events, something I wanted to try for some time now. It's nice from time to time, but I find it boring after a while and I don't like the competitive kind of feeling some people have in bigger events.

I pushed my wardrobe more on the historical side and defined a bit more my style, style that I wanted simple and elegant. I also collected a few more dream pieces and constructed an overall more cohesive wardrobe.

Overall I feel like I gained confidence and defined myself better as a lolita this year. I don't know if I really changed though. What do you think about it ?


Unrelated side note : Wednesday 01/07/15 was a sad day for my country. Some really talented persons died, as well as police officers just because they wanted to defend our democracy. But France is not wailling in mourning, France is roaring in anger. This tragedy is contributing into our whole country coming together and fighting back. And I'm gonna fight too. I'm gonna fight for the pride and freedom of my country and for equality of every French person, regardless of their origins and beliefs. It's my duty as a French citizen. 
Don't let the fear in or they'll win. They wanted us to be cry and hide, we will laught and dance.


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