Outside of lolita ?

Hey guys. So, a few of my followers actually asked what I was wearing when I was not in lolita.

I already showed a some outfits before, but yes, I mostly wear my frills, it's my daily clothing now. Sometimes I want to wear something else though, so I may go into strange j-fashion territory, rock-ish style or just slap on a kimono. Why ? Because I can.



I may have gone a little bit wilder with my 'normal' outfit and/or toned down my lolita. For 2014, all of this is daily wear (and thanks whatever god my parents don't know I have a blog, they would had have an heart attack reading this).
The thing I wear the less is kimono. I don't really care about it being uncomfortable, but I'm so lazy I don't want to take my time to fold them at the end of the day. With a dress you can just pile it up on a chair until the end of the week then put it back in the closet. If you do that with kimonos, they won't last long. And that's why I don't take pictures in my room too : I have clothes, accessories, bags and fabric litteraly everywere.
I also have a bunch or 'casual', alternative fashion friendly dresses that I can dress up or down. It's what I wear when I'm going back at my parent's. They usually are black or grey, but I also have dark blue, red an pink ones.

All my dresses. I think I have 26 of them. (it lack of a VM jsk here)
So yes, here is my style "oustide of lolita". Hope you enjoyed it.


Lolita blog carnival : What's next on your lolita wishlist ?

Hey, welcome in my first LBC post ! I've wanted to write one since a few months, but never got around to do it on time, so today will be the day.

So, what's next in my lolita wishlist ?

First, I saw one of my top ten dream dress on the comm sales, I cross my fingers so I can have it !

Yay ! Victorian Maiden's striped rose ribbon in pink ! It will be my fifth rose printed dress as well as my fifth VM dress.
Right now I have a stack of rose printed VM dress on my chair because I worn them all this week, and that's really pretty to look at.

And next, as spring is nearly here, I feel like my wardrobe need something more natural kei inspired. I need an apron. Like, I'm craving for an apron. I have no idea whatsoever about the lolita TPO to wear aprons, but I guess I could still wear it while grocery shopping or walking in the countryside.

 I particularly like this one because it can be both halter neck and regular suspenders. And those little pockets are cute ! I like everything about this !

I'm also eyeing a few chiffon blouses, because I don't have enought chiffon in my poor wardrobe.
And if I could get my hand on a really princessy, lacy old school Btssb or Meta OP, I'd be the happiest person of the world.

And what about you ? What's in your current wishlist ? What will you buy next ?

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