Lolita blog carnival : What's next on your lolita wishlist ?

Hey, welcome in my first LBC post ! I've wanted to write one since a few months, but never got around to do it on time, so today will be the day.

So, what's next in my lolita wishlist ?

First, I saw one of my top ten dream dress on the comm sales, I cross my fingers so I can have it !

Yay ! Victorian Maiden's striped rose ribbon in pink ! It will be my fifth rose printed dress as well as my fifth VM dress.
Right now I have a stack of rose printed VM dress on my chair because I worn them all this week, and that's really pretty to look at.

And next, as spring is nearly here, I feel like my wardrobe need something more natural kei inspired. I need an apron. Like, I'm craving for an apron. I have no idea whatsoever about the lolita TPO to wear aprons, but I guess I could still wear it while grocery shopping or walking in the countryside.

 I particularly like this one because it can be both halter neck and regular suspenders. And those little pockets are cute ! I like everything about this !

I'm also eyeing a few chiffon blouses, because I don't have enought chiffon in my poor wardrobe.
And if I could get my hand on a really princessy, lacy old school Btssb or Meta OP, I'd be the happiest person of the world.

And what about you ? What's in your current wishlist ? What will you buy next ?

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4 commentaires:

  1. You must really like this dress a lot your background on your blog looks like the print lol

    1. Ah ha yes, I needed a new backgroung so as I checked up this dress measurement I also downloaded the print from lolibrary x)

  2. I am currently selling two lolita aprons in my local community. I am wondering if you might be interested...?

    The offers (in German) are here:

    The aprons are identical, but one is black and the other one is white. They have pockets.
    The holder straps have three buttons and therefore can be worn crossed or parallel.
    The top part of the apron is rather small, so the aprons are not so good for wide ribcages ;)
    The brand of the aprons is "Tsubasa Masuwaka".
    One apron costs 40 euro, but I am open to offers!
    Shipping to France would probably be 5,50 euros for one apron and 7 euros for two aprons.

    1. Oh that's great ! I have a small bust so the size must not be a problem, I'm in for the white version :) Pm'ing you on your lj account.