Outside of lolita ?

Hey guys. So, a few of my followers actually asked what I was wearing when I was not in lolita.

I already showed a some outfits before, but yes, I mostly wear my frills, it's my daily clothing now. Sometimes I want to wear something else though, so I may go into strange j-fashion territory, rock-ish style or just slap on a kimono. Why ? Because I can.



I may have gone a little bit wilder with my 'normal' outfit and/or toned down my lolita. For 2014, all of this is daily wear (and thanks whatever god my parents don't know I have a blog, they would had have an heart attack reading this).
The thing I wear the less is kimono. I don't really care about it being uncomfortable, but I'm so lazy I don't want to take my time to fold them at the end of the day. With a dress you can just pile it up on a chair until the end of the week then put it back in the closet. If you do that with kimonos, they won't last long. And that's why I don't take pictures in my room too : I have clothes, accessories, bags and fabric litteraly everywere.
I also have a bunch or 'casual', alternative fashion friendly dresses that I can dress up or down. It's what I wear when I'm going back at my parent's. They usually are black or grey, but I also have dark blue, red an pink ones.

All my dresses. I think I have 26 of them. (it lack of a VM jsk here)
So yes, here is my style "oustide of lolita". Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. You've earned yourself a stalker.

    Btw do you know any good sites with the male version of lolita clothing (aristocrat/ouji???). I've always liked such styles but never was brave enough to attempt them. I think you've inspired me somehow? afk

    1. Ah thanks that's cute to hear...I guess ?

      I'm sorry I'm totally off the loop when it comes to boystyles, because (you would've guessed it) my hips would never fit japanese sized shorts.
      However I think you can get some basics from Bodyline. Alice and the Pirates often release male sized items, as for Atelier Boz. If you can fit into women size, Innocent World have some nice things for classic style ouji. Maybe this link could help you more http://neogrotesk.tumblr.com/post/39971704701/ouji-kodona-boystyle-whatever-you-want-to-call-it-101
      Also, I know that Australian oujis (technotropism and an asian guy I forgot the name) post from time to time on daily-lolita, so you might want to take a look at it.

    2. Thank you for taking the time to answer that. That was quite helpful!

      Yeah sadly I can fit into women size clothing and I assume there are more "boystyle" outfits out there for women so I guess that's an advantage. I'm originally a cosplayer and people would always suggest me to cosplay as ciel (never seen that anime) but I prefer styles like this : http://i667.photobucket.com/albums/vv34/Cirrus_Maximilian/Fashion/Ouji%20Kodona/ouji.jpg

      I gotta say that even though I would be only comfortable with boy style...I love your coords, especially the darker color ones. Continue being magnetic and awesome.
      Anyway, Miss Kagome/Bara. Enjoy your day :)

    3. You're welcome :) Ciel from Kuroshitsuji as some pretty nice outfits, you may want to look for some artworks or the original manga rather than the anime though.

      If you happen to mak an outfit, don't forget to show it to me :)
      Thanks a lot, and enjoy your day too !

  2. Blargh. I have a new found respect for you lolitas. This searching for clothing stuff/matching is a lot harder than I thought.

    I intend to get an outfit if one of those sites updates with a cool jacket one day :(... Right now all I see are plain black ones which I would buy but considering that they are $300, I'd actually only spend that much on something i like 100%.

    Awww if you're not just saying that to be nice, that's nice of you (how redundant)! Wouldn't post it here though. Do you have a facebook? *stalking intensifies*