Christmas meet-up

Last Sunday we had a nice Christmas meet-up ! We had a redXwhite color code and every body went out their way to fit in.

Tzadkiel was home ! Here are our outfits :

People :
Tzadkiel, I, Myriam, Mew, Peggy, Julie, Sam
Camélia, Chloé, Maleora, Sanda, Angélique, Ma Aile and Chieko.

Picture from Sandra
We went to a nice little restaurant near the Champs-Elysées. Everything was soooo good, I loved it and I'll most certainly going back.

Myriam and Mew

Camélia and Sam

We had a small Secret Santa thing going on. I had some extra cute candy clips from Peggy, it was so nice !

Picture from Sandra (I love this one !)
It was really great. Everything went perfectly smoothly thanks to Sam and Camélia.

Also friends, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

I was really happy to see you all girls, can't wait for another meet-up with you !

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