Last meet of the year and Christmas time

Hey guys. How was your Christmas day ?

On the 20th of December I went to a lolita and general j-fashion meet-up in Paris. I met some wonderful new persons, everyone was so nice !

So many cute outfits !

And my outfit for that day :

That very day I catched a train to go back at my parents's. I got my Christmas present before departing for my uncle's house, where the actual party took place.

Bad quality webcam picture, sorry
I got a Mugler pochette ! It's plum, so pretty. I think my mom got it from my usual discounted designer shop, favourite place to shop. We also made an arrangement, since I didn't really want something material, so they'll pay for my transportation pass in Japan. Phew, that'll make my budget lighter.

 I also had a night out with my childhood friends. Since we didn't see each other for a while, they gifted me a Card Against Humanity game they printed out just for my birthday. It was also one of my friend's birthday, so we celebrated by eating tons of junkfood and playing Pokémon Stadium on NES 64 like in good old time.

Blatant "too lazy to take a pic so Google it" image
As for the actual Christmas party, we were 25 I guess. I don't have the occasion of seeing my familly so much, especially since out of 5 uncles and aunts one lives in Belgium, one in Africa and one in China. I had the occasion of speaking in english with my uncle's chinese wife, who is the cutest thing ever. I'm starting to think about going over there to visit them since I've never been to China before.
Christmas diner was neat, but my favourite part was the 25th of December's lunch. Auntie made us food from grandpa's home country (I'm a quarter from black Africa) and I literally stuffed my face with fried chicken (stereotypes are still well alive) and tô with gombo salsa (you can Google it, it's...weird). I usually don't like poultry apart from duck meat but auntie's fried chicken is the best. Between that, champagne, foie gras and candies, I must have put on some weight.

It was a pretty funny Christmas.
After that, I took the train back to Paris and here I am again. I recieved these beauties :

Starry night fukuro obi and green and black furisode

Just trying stuffs on, forget the lack of everything.
And now I'm home alone. Not for so long though, since Tzadkiel darling will come to celebrate New Year's Eve with me. Still not sure if we're going out or not though.
I must go back to my notes now, I have exam starting in mid-january and my wonderful habit of not reviewing my classes is starting to get on the way.
See ya !

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