Innocent World lucky pack !

Hey guys ! You may or may not know that I wanted to order an IW lucky pack for a while now. I placed an order for the A size one and infortunatly it was to late, I didn't get it. Nice enought, IW's staff decided to release a blouse lucky pack, only for those who were up in A-size lucky pack waiting list. I said yes, paid 106€ for the package and shipping and were told to wait for a tracking number. I never recieved that tracking number, but I had the chance to catch the post man with my package today ! I had to pay 42€ of customs, but that was pretty predictable.
Let's see what I got.

Just out of the package
 I had 4 blouses. Two had tags and were certainly sales's leftover, one had an incomplete tag and one didn't had any, so they most likely were shop samples.

Sailor blouse in blackXwhite

Nice black blouse with an elegant and light sheen on it.

Cream blouse with an incomplete tag

Shiny pearl blouse, I guess it's form the Shantung Dot series.

I couldn't find anything wrong with it, it's all pristine. According from the tags,  the sum of black blouses price is ~184€, the other two didn't have any price. So I suppose I had at least 350€ worth of blouses, which is perfectly fair. I took the pack in S and I worried a bit about the sizing, but eveything fit perfectly.

The pearl blouse is definitly the prettiest of the lot. Fair enought, I would have never baught it, this colour does not really suit my wardrobe nor my style, but both the fabric and lace are awesomely detailled and beautiful. My favourite still is the sailor blouse. I really have a soft spot for sailor things and I can't wait to wear it.
Forgot to say that I of course had a lovely note from IW's staff, as always.

So here we are. I'm super happy with my lucky pack even if it doesn't have anything I really wanted (I need princess sleeves so baaaaaaad). Innocent World blouses are well-made and confortable, and I look forward to acquire new things from them.

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