Summer time 1

Soooo, I kind of have some long due post to do right now. Let's start first by the early summer events, right ?

I went to Japan Expo on the 3rd of July. It was kind of a last moment decision, because I discovered two days before that they had three geishas coming ! I couldn't make it to the master class but I was lucky enought to see their show, and it was awesome ! I spend most of my day in the traditionnal corner of the con and took a lot of pictures of artists, tasted tea, spoke japanese etc. It was pretty funny, and I got a lot of compliments for my kimono styling. I've appeared on Kera! facebook page too, even if I don't like the picture they took that much.

I finally didn't got to wear my furisode because my zori didn't arrive on time, too bad.

Swarovski cristals sakura embroided kimono
 Doll maker

Clothes made out old kimono/kimono fabric

Ukiyo-e style glued fabric pictures (It has a special name, totally forgot it)

 Another doll-maker, loved the rabbits !

Burn wood geta

Tea ceremony teacher

Carved jewel eggs. It was really beautiful and light-weight, it must be so hard to work on that.

The two geishas and their okiya-san in New Year attire

Ikebana booth

Handpainted japanese fans

Kera! booth

Hina matsuri dolls

Wonderful jewelry

Some musician in (really meh) maiko-henshin (fake maiko outfit) playing koto and rockin' hard

Delicious, favorite japanese food : Takoyaki ! I like them so much, Naoya-sensei even nicknamed me 'takoyaki Marie'

Kaga-loli booth, and the dress that Midori wore for the Kaga-loli catwalk on its first presentation.

Haul of the day : favourite japanese candies (watapachi and nerunerune) and some tabi and fan to wear on more formal settings.

 I was super happy to see a whole lot of people I didn't see in a while, and to hang out with Pauline (your outfit was absolutly wonderful !), Morgane, Louise and plenty of others I don't want to forget. I had a super nice day thanks to you gals.

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