Some outfits and some pretty pictures

I'm so not ready for the incoming lolita events that it start to quite bother me. In fact I don't really want to go anymore, I'm too tired to enjoy it properly and their is a bunch of people I don't want to see but hey, I paid for it so I'll do my best and enjoy all of that as much as I can with all my friends.

I didn't dress up a lot these day because it's too fricking hot and I don't go out that much, but here are a few of my last outfits.

Blouse :IW
Skirt : MM

Blouse : IW
Headdress : MM

Kimono, nagajuban, obi : vintage
Bag : Axes Femme

Kimono, obi : vintage
Blouse : Axes Femme
Hat : H&M
Socks : AatP
Sweater and otk : H&M
Shoes : Tokyo Bopper (borrowed from Tzadkiel)
Bag : Thierry Mugler

I seem to be pretty unlucky these days, half the things I bought on sales didn't fit and I can't seem to find anything on my shopping list right now (I need long dresses and cute sandals for my trip to Thailand this summer).

I've been walking around Paris quite a bit these last weeks, so I have a few pictures for you. I think I'll post them in two blog post, here is the first part, les Buttes-Chaumont.

My favourite spot
I definitly need to learn how to photoshop, most of these pictures do need a little bit of colour ehancement, they are way too harshly lighted.

And yummy dessert just for you :

At L'oisive'thé
Hope you enjoyed these pictures.
I don't think I'll blog again until the summer lolita events so see you !

Edit : I'll be at Japan Expo on the 3d of July. I didn't plan to go but they have guest geishas so I'm pretty much bound to try to see them. I'll be wearing my furisode and I'll mostly hang out in the cultural part of the festival (they have some cha no yû activities this year !) so if you spot me come by and say hi. I hope I can make it to the geisha masterclass !

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