Latest styles, soon it's autumn guys.

I...must...continue...my summer posts. But before that, what about an update ?

So, I'm going back to class tomorrow, with a really light schedule. I decided to apply for a part-time job too, I hope I'll get some answers soon.

Next month is October, one of my favourite month in the year. Why ? Because it's my birthday, it's Halloween, we can have pumpkin soups and cakes, candies and chestnuts. I can wear velvet again, and long-sleeved dresses, and boots, and layers and layers of clothing. October have it's own smell, really watery and fresh (I hope somebody already turned that into a perfume), and it's the best time of the year to go in the forest.

Ever since I was a child I hosted Halloween themed birthday parties, but during high school I actually stopped to do it. This year I really want a Midnight Movies sleepover though, I should think about it.

A few of my last outfits, because you deserve it (maybe not, but I like you still). Not a lot of lolita because it's damn hot, but enjoy my new Victorian Maiden dress which I love more than my own life.

Dressing up just for fun

Bling outfit with my new Valentino baby <3

By the way, next week's Paris Fashion Week. So far I planned to try and see Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. I cross my fingers so I'll have more success that last year.

Marie, Claire and I
I don't really want to go back to class, let's hang out some more and drink our own weight of bubble tea on Seine's banks once again. Why can't summer holidays stay forever ?

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