Summer time 2

I'm too lazy to keep up with my blog, sorry ;.; (I warned you though).

So, lolita related events part 2 : Following Alice. Most of these pictures don't belong to me, I choose to not take pictures during the event to have as much fun as possible.

For these events, my dear friends Tzadkiel and Umako came at my flat. Lolita sleepover is the best !

Admit it, your life had no sense before this picture
I made the stupid choice of going last minutes for these events, and it turned out pretty well, surprisingly enought.
I was lucky enought to find some small Alice themed charms I bought a few months ago while doing some craft, so I decided to go full Alice. I added small rabbits on the bow and keys on the apron's pockets.
I look greasy and haggard as f*ck thanks to the flash, but that's the only okay-ish picture of my outfit, sorry
And that fat bulge. And these scars. And that slightly purple skin. I swear I was better IRL.

It was a nice party in a wonderful place called Sellier Saint-Paul, an old and beautiful cellar that I totally see working for nice gothic parties. I usually feel uncomfortable in undergound location, but this place was great, I really liked it. It was brought to us by the French association Rouge Dentelle et Rose Rubans, who always do a wonderful work. They couldn't have another Lolita Convention this year due to various organization problems, but they replaced it by the French Lolita Ambassador Election (so much capitalization !) linked to this event.

We had several booth from various shops and designers like Fidel David (so nice and well dresses <3), Rococ Daze, etc. and a small fashion show.
Misako with our dear translator, illustrator François Amoretti
French Ambassadors Yumi, Mila and Pom with Misako
I bought Misako's book and had it signed too ! Too bad she wasn't feeling good that day, we didn't have the occasion of chatting with her.
I had a lot of fun, it was nice to see the place litteraly crowded with lolitas. It's the first time I was able to attend RDRR's event, and I hope they'll do even more of them in the future.

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