Outfits, a bit more outfits

So what's new ?

Got my new hakama, yay. Otherwise, nothing really. I'm sorry, my life isn't that entertaining. I'm looking forward to go to some exhibition, most especially the Hokusai one at the Grand Palais.

Oh yeah, speaking about the Grand Palais, I got to attend the Mugler fashion show last fashion week. Pretty awesome, even though I still like Formicetti way better than the new artistic director.

And a new takoyaki restaurant opened in Paris ! It's like super expensive, but takoyaki is my favourite japanese food ever so I needed to try it out (and burn my tongue once more).
I think I said it already, but Naoya-sensei (a kimono tailor) nicknamed me Takoyaki-mari because of that.
Thanks Marie darling for this picture.

I didn't earn my nickname by mistake. Also you can't see it, but my eyebrows were pink that day.

I also went to some lolita meet-ups.
My friend Alice from Clermont-Ferrand came in Paris during the holidays. We applied to model for a small japanese culture festival hosted at a gallery.

Laura (a former classmate !), an adorable fairy kei girl, Emilie, Laylla, Elodie, Alice, me, Clarimonde, Taiseyou, Kay and Miyu

And my outfit for that day.

After that, Clarimonde and Alice came home for a sleep over. They went through my dresses and tried some Victorian Maiden on.

always so classy flat entrance. yay.
Also, kind of a last minute meet-up, I wasn't supposed to come but I tagged along. It was classic lolita themed, and pretty funny. Everyone was wonderful. So nice to see you all, girls !

A few kimono outfits :

My new komon is absolut love. I need more green in my life

First time doing a kai no kuchi musubi, I did ok I guess.

Showa jidai kimono and hakama look for my birthday
Some random stuffs (I'm going back to goth/soft-grunge these days) :

Short, jacket : Naf-naf

Hat : Primark
Blouse, dress : Naf-Naf
Bag : Mugler

Top : H&M
Tights : Primark
Boots : Forever 21

Beanie : Primark

Top : Primark
Shorts : Naf-naf

Dress : vintage
Harness : Undiz and handmade

And some lolita :

Bow : Fly away Fashion
Dress : Baby
Blouse : Aatp

Hat : VM
Blouse : IW
Shorts : Naf-naf
Boots : Axes Femme

I'm planning on making a tutorial for folding kimonos under a skirt anytime soon.
Skirt : Mary Magdalene
Boooh, I'm bad at blogging. I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible, but I have this weird, weird habit of living the instant rather than taking pictures of it, so much for blogging purpose.
See you soon !

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