Too lazy to name the post III

It's time to do an other outfit post, because I mastered into forgetting to post plenty of things (I should make a schedule, really, but I want the posts to feel natural so...dunno).

I was soo lazy these days when it come to dress up. The casual goth inside my heart got the best of me and sloppily covered me in layers of black clothes.

And recieved my dress from Miss Point :

It's awesome, I love it ! I'm totally impressed by the quality, especially since I had the dress for so cheap on sales.

I got plenty of things to do this month, but I essentialy need to study some more. To be fair, I kind of feel trapped at the uni, even though my classes are great I don't enjoy it as much as I should, I'm just bad with school stuff. I'm more interested in my side projects than school, but being ok at tons of things does not makes me talented enough to get a living out of it (plus who care if you're good at dressing yourself, that's not even a talent). Some people have talents for thing, I apparently don't. I'm just ok. I can deal with that I suppose. I just wish I was brave enough to present my projects to people instead of hating everything I make almost instantly. I recorded plenty of things for a project channel linked to my blog, but I just can't bring myself to post it and it's entirely my fault so I shouldn't even whine like that.

But I'm gonna kick myself in the arse for being the little bitch I am and continue on my various projects. I don't need tenderness, I need to be even harsher or else I won't make any progress.

These days I'm working on my uni's cultural day with my so small kitsuke class. We're planning on the outfits and the "kimono try on" booth we'll have. I'm also in contact with a student from another school to try and organise a kimono fashion show at my school, which would be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I was totally inspired by this exhbition

I'm reading a Soetsu Yanagi introduction to Mingei these days, so this folkcraft based exhibit couldn't be missed.
It's a small four room exhibit in the great Forney Library near Saint-Paul. First room is French and European indigo, with traditionnal indigo-like dyes used in Europe and clothing from the XIXe and XXth century. I was particularly in love with the Ukrenian sunday dress and it's embroidered apron.
Second room was a mix between Japan and China. They had a wonderful night kimono and futon cover both made in boro (japanese scrap fabric, rag) as well as shoes, farm clothes and traditionnal chinese blouses.
Third room was Africa. Most of the collection was from Bamiléké tribes, rich african tribes from Cameroun. They had a few things from Guinea, but it was mostly Fula tribes. I did saw a bunch of interesting things, especially embroideries and modern fabrics made the traditionnal way.
Fourth room was everything else : India, Persia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand etc. I love persian clothing, but these are not worn anymore from what I've come to understand, which is really awfully sad. Their indian collection was deceptivly small, with only a full female outfit and a male one. India is the mother country of indigo dye, so I was expecting more. Hmong clothing were nice but I've seen them worn in really life before, so they kind of looked lifeless withouth their dear toothless grandmas wrapped inside.
With the clothes cames short movies and complete explanations on traditionnal exploitation of indigo and indigo-like dyes and different dying techniques from all over the world. It was really interesting.

I loved this exhibition. These days I didn't go out as much because of the cold weather, but now that spring is around the corner I'm gonna be able to go and try every thing I didn't do yet.

Also : guys I'd like to know what YOU want to read on that blog. Because I do plenty of things but I don't take pictures/forgot about them/don't find them interesting enough for you to post it here. Tell me and I'll see if I can do anything.

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