Latest outfit and sales haul

Yes, yes, I've bought a few things on sales, and I'm currently waiting for an iromuji kimono, a komono set (accessories for kimono wearing) and a Victorian Maiden red long jsk. Ah and I will most certainly try and buy one of IW's outlet pack soon.
I can't go to Japan this summer due to scholar obligations, so I take more time to organize my travel and will go for two weeks of full tourism instead of a working month in April of the next year. That way I have a full year to make it perfect, and maybe my parent's will not fear so much of me going alone over there anymore.

Anyway, here is my haul

Shopping at Forever 21 and Axes Femme, recieved my package too

Forever 21 sweater, shoes and rings

Ah ha stripper shoes !

Axes Femme wine dress

Victorian Maiden rose stripped chiffon dress (my first print !)

And a few outfits :

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