Wardrobe change and current obsessions

It's almost spring, yay !

These days I felt weighted down by a bunch of thing, so I decided to clean up my wardrobe a bit and make a list of what I needed. It's a pretty literal way to feel lighter.

I first started by airing out all my dresses, hanging them on the curtain-rod to take a good look at them.

I love this picture

skirts, blouses and tops

 I then choose the one I didn't wear enought and tried them on. A lot of these were actually too big from me loosing a bunch of weight last year, so I separated them into three piles "to give", "to sell" and "to use as fabric". A few things are going on sale on my facebook right now.

I already used an old silk dress as an accent fabric on the new bonnet I just finished. It's been a while I didn't go full crafty lolita, and that's the first bonnet I entirely made from scratch. I used cardboard, tape and wire as a basis and attached the fabric with a glue gun and some handstitching. Good enough for me, but not good enough to be sold imo. I'm bad with finitions.

Excuse the Instagram filter

Bonnet are my favourite lolita headwear but it's been an eternity I didn't wear one. I sold my Innocent World one some times ago, it was too childlish and wide fore me, and the straw one I made is at my parent's and most certainly need a little bit of revisiting. One or two Victorian Maiden bonnets in darker shades would be a nice addition  to my wardrobe.

I did a small list of what I needed next, both for my muggle wardrobe and my lolita one.
For lolita, I'd like to find an ouji outfit (I'm eyeing a few things on Bodyline since I'm too chub for brand), a white op, a black jsk and some more long-sleeved blouses. I also need to replace some of my shoes.

As spring is around the corner, my obsession for Natural-kei and aprons is taking away the best of me once again.

I have a reconstructed gingham apron dress waiting to be worn, but the under-dress I first made back when I was fifteen is not up to my standard of quality anymore. I need to re-do one and maybe complete the dress itself. It's been a few season I didn't wear it but I can't bring myself to let it go. It was one of my first lolita crafting project : turning my favourite summer dress in a lolita appropriate piece. Sadly, red gingham is a bit difficult to coordinate with something else than white, so my hopes lay in the form of a white onepiece. Also, finding the right gingham pattern to complete the dress proves to be near impossible, and I would rather avoid the Baby's way of doing everything satin or grosgrain.

Desperetly tried to find a not too unflatering picture 

I feel like this was overall a productive day. I've been pretty productive these days I must say.
I had my last day on the set, recording a super secret video. I cooked a lot. I practiced editing. I've been writing a few things too.  Better than lying in front of my laptop all day as I did previously, so this is pretty positive. Maybe spring is giving me my wings back again ?

If the weather is nice I'm soon gonna be able to start my photographic adventures in Paris. Now that I got a new SD card, this is gonna be good.

See you soon guys !

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