Muggle-wear outfit recap

It's been a whiiiiile I didn't make an outfit post. I'm so so late on my schedule (yes I actually have a schedule, albeit a really confuse one), sorry !

These days I dress in black, black black and black, topped with a bit of black. Mostly. Spring colors, yay ! Also I got an Instagram account (@roseopaline) to force myself to take more outfit shots and to brag about my impeccable asian cooking skills.

Style point : Vivienne Westwood earrings !

Style point : awesome Cyberdog cap

Style point : extreme layering

Style point : elegant and mature styling

Style point : flowy feeling

style point : energic style thanks to short leather skirt and graphic crop top

Style point : slight echo of the asian theme with a cat eye makeup

Style point : alien fashion

Style point : full alien style with purple eyebrows

Style point : really relaxed yet elegant tsumugi kimono style

Style point : distressed look for a strega feel

Style point : elegant gothic style with straight hair and simple jewerly

Style point : sportsy but gothy

Style point : leg slimming shoes for an elongated heroine silhouette

Style point : decorative bra for see-through dress

Style point : large brim hat to balance large hips

Style point : man t-shirt and studded cap for  a rock and relaxed feel

Style point : leg-slimming overly high platform and short tunic for infinite legs

Style point : chinese dress as a pin-up staple
Pfew, so many clothes ! I wear too many long dresses these days, and it's not gonna stop anytime soon since I'm waiting for my first pair of Lita by Jeffrey Campbell, an other pair of stupidly high platform.
I though the style point thingy was funnier than just dumping tons of pictures without any comment. Dunno if it's of any interest.
I've been having tons of fun dressing up these days, especially with a more electro/sporty tinge. Pretty clothes keep me motivated to work out. I feel like all my weight loss really start to show, I'm really proud !

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