Makeup style Spring 2015

Makeup style. I'm always totally out of season for makeup since my favorite part of it is slathering myself in tons of colors using more than 15 different products at a time. An healthy habit. But I though that as I leveled up in makeup recently (+3 charisma, +1 dexterity, -20 GP) I could show you my staple style for the season.

Yes, I shamelessly reuse pictures from my previous post. It's called recycling, ma'am, and it's good for the planet.
My eyebrows are never neat. Maybe I shouldn't be so cheap and actually buy an eyebrow crayon and setting gel ? Meh.
So a Kiko shop opened simultaneously next to my parent's and a few minutes away from my place. I heard the ringing bell of destiny calling me and decided to give it a try. Verdict : I love them. Packaging is super cheap and breakable because it's obviously were they cut the corner but the makeup in itself is way better than your regular "drugstore" makeup like the Sephora line. I find it comfortable, easy to use and not irritating at all. Everything is really pocket sized too, which can be nice if you travel a lot or want to swatch things but can be inconvenient if you tend to be product-fidel/lazy with shopping. They also carry konjac sponges. These things improved my skin so so much in a month span, it's nearly magic. I didn't try everything yet but I look forward to try the gel liner, a few eyeshadows and a mascara soon. For the moment I only tried skin related stuffs.

Not found of the natural style but it's always useful

Anyway, back to the topic. These day I use primers from Kiko, either the City Filter Primer SPF 50 or the Skin Tone corrector in Lilac since my skin is really yellow. I prime my eyes with Kiko's Eye primer and my lips with their neutral Lip base. Then I use my Bourjois L'infaillible stick corrector paired with L'Oréal Nude Magic eau de teint in 120 Pure ivory for a lighter look or Kiko Universal Fit hydrating foundation in 15 Warm beige for more coverage. I finally set it with my Bourjois Silk skin powder, but I feel like a loose powder would be better with the heavier foundation.
I then do my contour and blush with BHcosmetics's Glamourous Blush. I really need a countour-specific palette though.

For my eyes, I usually take three shades from my BHcosmetic BH Day & Night eyeshadow palette. For a natural style I take brown-ish pink, for my usual heavier style I mostly use purple-ish color palette. I do a cat-eye line with Sephora's basic liner in black (I need replacement for it, any idea ?) and apply a few coat of Bourjois Ultra volume Glamour Girl mascara which is not bad at all. I draw my eyebrows on with a beveled brush then thicken them a bit with appropriate eyeshadow.

For a natural look I let my lips untouched or with a slight tip of Bourjois Rose Millésime, for the heavier style I usually wear Revlon Black Cherry.

And we're done ! This is definitely an heavy makeup routine that I wouldn't be able to keep up with if my classes were early in the morning, but I'm having a lot of fun with it. Of course it's not natural at all, but who cares ? I like painting myself, it's really satisfying.

You read it all ? Kuddos, got a present for you :

Fly as hell, eh ? What can't you do with a bit of makeup ?

I hope you guys enjoyed this overly complicated post. See you soon !

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