Fashion mix ?

It's been a while I didn't post, and I have so many things to tell you still ! While I write all these articles, we do have the time for a style point, right ?

I had a lot of fun last time explain step by step my wa lolita outfit, with all the choices I made for a perfect mix. Not that the outfit itself was anywhere near perfect, but much more that it was -in my eyes- well balanced between japanese tradition and modern fashion. Anyway, as it was tons of fun I though "why not doing it on other outfits ?".  Well, here we are.

Today I wanted to talk about this outfit : the "Trendy Goth" (yes, my staple outfits have names, I'm that obsessed).

As said above, this outfit is my constantly evolving staple for this season. The base is a leather legging with and over-size sweater. Shoes may vary, but they always are short boots. I wear the outfit with or without sleeve rolls.

The challenge here was to mix alternative elements within a fashionable outfit. For that, I used references to goth culture rather than pure goth elements. The leather bag from Torrente has spikes, making it pop from the rest of the outfit and giving a punk edge to the ensemble. The Litas are a really direct reference to emblematic platform shoes from goths and drags, while still being a "mainstream" fashion piece.

The oversize sweater with legging combo is really trendy and helps me looking slimmer and taller. The woolen look of the top echoes the wood of the shoes for a natural feel and stop the outfit from looking too sharp and leathery. The general look is really inspired by avant-garde fashion.

I'm not a jewelry person, plus I feel like the oversize look ask for simplicity so I just kept my usual earrings and added nothing else. To give a bit of androgyny, I chose a masculine looking back-combed hairstyle showing my undercut. Once again, pretty gothy but still mainstream.

As for the makeup I wanted to try out the ever so dreaded black lips style, with my brand new black lipstick from Kiko. I layered it with a wine colored lip ink for it to last longer. To lighten up the look I kept hair off my face and chose a set of golden eyeshadows. I also lightened up my brows with a golden brow pencil. Finished up the look with a really thin cat eye and some light contouring on a not-too-heavy foundation.
Alternatively, I would wear a plum lipstick with colder brown eyeshadow.
Once again these echoes gothic style and color palette without being too heavy. It's unusual yet flattering and even pretty fashionable since black and gold are a basic for black based high fashion makeup.

Here ! What did you think about that ? It's funny, because when you're dressing up it doesn't feel like much, but breaking down the outfit really gives a lot of informations. I like this outfit a lot, and it's true that my muggle clothing don't get that much love on this blog. They totally deserve more post !

Back to writing my long due meetup report. See ya !

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