Meetups, more meetups

Hey guys ! I've been so so late to make my last posts, sorry.

The other day I went to a small Tea Party organised by my friend Camélia with lovely Li-li from the US.
We went at the Hyatt tea room, such a lovely place !
Japanese tea and legendary Angel cake from Ciel
Lovely Li-li, Camélia, Clarimonde, Myriam and Ercylla at my table
Too bad we were separated on two tables. My pictures do not do any justice to either the place or the wonderful people present that day !
Meleora, Peggy, Angélique, Camélia, Li-li, Chloé, Clarimonde, me, Myriam and Ercylla

The food was delicious although a bit light and the place was wonderful ! Totally going back for a tea another time.

I don't really know why but nearly all my pictures appears really white washed. The mix between natural and yellow light must have thrown the balance of the automatic setting off...

And here was my ootd :
Headdress : handmade
Blouse : Infanta
Jsk : Victorian Maiden
Shoes : Bodyline
Didn't have a necklace to match the outfit so I just made one with a ribbon and a Baby charm
Balancing out the poofy skirt with my lack of hair is proving to be a funny challenge and push me being more creative about my headgear choice.

This was a lot of fun ! Thank you guys for that awesome day out.

Even more recently we had a small hanami picnic with friends at the parc. The theme was "spring or asia" and I of course chose...Qi. Yep. Since I bought myself a modernised cheongsam a few weeks ago I couldn't resist the temptation. I should have practiced the knotting part though, my bow looks awful.
Handmade headdress + sakura kanzashi from Etsy.
It's super simple and unacessorised, but I honestly couldn't be bothered with a more OTT outfit just to sit on the grass for a few hours. The cord-like part is a japaese obijime supposed to figure the hanfu style sash.
How far away I'm staying from the group tho. Also dat hairstyle (thanks Sam for the picture)
Everyone crossed their kimono on the "dead" side, it was funny. I'm so glad everyone tried to thrift or sew something for wa-lolita, I really hope this is actually going to happen !

Thank you all my lovelies for the awesome time spent together, I can't wait to see you all again !

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