Package unboxing and dream item !

I finally recieved my three package, containing kimono accessories and a birthday present to myself.
I didn't take a picture of everything (I'm steaming the obi belt and nagajuban right now), but here a some anyway.
Wahou blurred pic, sorry. Kimono accessories (also known as "komono")

Dreeeeeeam hat from Victorian Maiden !

Yes this one in black. I had to go trought a shopping service to buy it new from VM, but it totally worth it, I love it to death !

Have some picture of me trying my new kimono accessories and kimono vest (michiyuki)

Obi tied in taiko musubi (what a pain to make x.x)

Black and red michiyuki and VM hat

I look forward to make an interesting lolita coordinate featuring my brand new beloved hat, so stay tuned for more clothes.

Bonus : Carrot and hazelnut cake with tchaï tea

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